HBMS Sales Doctors
We’re always looking for others that are passionate about helping others. At HBMS we pay 70% commission on product sales and will work to go above and beyond to train you to be successful.

The success of any independent service organization is driven by the focus and application on three key core principles for front of the house and three core principles for the back of the house:


The management team of the HBMS is committed to the success of organizations that have an outside sales force or are looking to create an outside sales force.  Also, HBMS is committed to helping those groups or organizations that need help with time management, strategic planning and structuring in 2019 and beyond. To that end, we are already planning, preparing goals and developing strategies to help maximize your company’s success

We believe our Sales Process is a systematic approach to taking a sale to its natural progression of closing.

Organizations with an outside sales force or other groups can have the best sales force in the world, but if the organization or group is not managing and maximizing the activity, failure is assured.  Heartbeat Business Management Solutions believes that by using its Business Management Tool the organizations with an outside sales force or other groups can become more efficient and manage activity from close and afar.

The organization or group can utilize the Business Management Tool on a daily basis as an informational and all-around guide to keep track of activity, which will assist the organization or group a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

The organization or group will be able to use the Business Management tool for every meeting, task, lead as well as internally talking to the sales group.

What makes an HBMS Sales Doctor qualified to diagnose and help organizations start, develop or improve an outside sales force within an organization?
Before an HBMS Sales Doctor can talk to an organization about helping them, the HBMS Sales Doctor will be highly trained by the leadership team of HBMS in:
The HBMS Sales Process (Sales Doctors will receive certification)
The HBMS Coaching Methodologies (S.O.A.R.)
The HBMS S.O.A.R. Coaching Model
The HBMS Coaching Action Plan
The various pricing tools that HBMS offers
The entire Business Management Tool (CRM) (Sales Doctors will receive certification)
The HBMS Sales Doctor will be trained in a consultative approach for the customer
The HBMS Sales Doctor will be trained in developing business plans for the customer

Partner Program: HBMS is always looking for leads! If you are interested in partnering with us contact us to earn up to 20% residual on a monthly basis.